Responsive Design



  • From corporate branding to ‘eye-candy’ designs, whether you need a new website or to give a facelift to your current website, our team of designers will create a conspicuous and impressionable website for your business.
  • Personal Attention & Ongoing Communication: Aside from working with qualified staff, we believe that an open communication with our customers is the key to a successful development.
  • SEO Friendly Web Design: our web designers are in a very unique position since they have unlimited access to our SEO department resources. More than just attractive websites, we design search engine friendly platforms.


Brand Identity

  • Brand Research: Brand research is the starting point to discover all your brand’s intangible facets. It provides you with invaluable insights which offer you an understanding of your industry’s market space.
  • Brand Design: Developing your business’s brand identity will take many factors into account in order to determine the look & feel of your logo, fonts used, color schemes, layout, graphic design, etc.


Search Engine Optimisation

  • We specialize in optimizing and re-optimizing websites in 8 languages. In most cases, the foreign language versions of a website have been produced by translators but have not been cross-checked by native SEO professionals.
  • Whether you are looking to fully translate your website or you are simply looking to improve your current SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) in foreign languages, our team is fully equipped to manage your multilingual SEO
  • We invite you to check our extensive portfolio of references and case studies: our clients enjoy top priority rankings on major foreign search engines in all the languages which we offer.


Website Localization


  • Website Localization refers to the process of fully or partially translating a website while optimizing it according to foreign search engine rules and regulations.
  • Whether you  intend to  create a multilingual micro-version of your website or wish to translate its entire content, our team is fully qualified to develop your multilingual versions.
  • Our translations are based on a SEO perspecitve. search-engine-friendly keyword-enriched texts profiled for priority rankings eligibility on multilingual search engines abroad.


Multilingual Social Media

  • Multilingual Social Media in 8 languages: We offer facebook research, ad creation, management, and reporting in 8 languages.
  • Keyword and demographic research: Full keyword research according to languages and geo-target criteria. This includes thorough analysis to determine the target your demographics and on Facebook (age, gender, location, interests, etc.).
  • Ad creation: Main keywords need to be initially tested in posts/ads featuring different graphic environments and wording to collect multivariate statistics. Such process consists of redesigning and rewording several set of ads for each strategic keyword and to run split tests in an effort to optimize your advertising budget at its fullest for ongoing campaigns.
  •  Ad campaign monitoring/reporting: We offer monitor the performance of your campaigns and to report accordingly. This includes overall traffic volume, keyword CTR, keyword CPC, and other key metrics in order to benchmark the successfulness of each ad campaign on Facebook & Instagram.