Multilingual Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign Services

Your potential international customers can view your Facebook page in their own language without translation needed since FB’s content appears according to the chosen language preference of the user. However, when advertising internationally on Facebook, ads must be written in the target language of the user.

Whether creating a simple ‘classified ad’ or designing a full FB’s post, such process goes beyond just translating from one language to another. Each foreign market online bears cultural ramifications which need to be addressed meticulously. In other words, the same product or service being promoted on Facebook would be advertised very differently in Japan versus what we would do in Italy.

For each of the 10 languages which we offer on our site, we offer multilingual Facebook ad campaign services as follows:

  1. Initial consultation: in an effort to define the marketing parameters of an international Facebook ad campaign, we offer a highly personalized consultation services to our customers. Such essential process allows us to target advertising campaigns using the right demographics and cultural specificities.

  2. Full keyword research according to languages and geo-target criteria. This includes thorough analysis to determine the target your demographics and on Facebook (age, gender, location, interests, etc.).

  3. Ad creation and composition services: Main keywords need to be initially tested in posts/ads featuring different graphic environments and wording to collect multivariate statistics. Such process consists of redesigning and rewording several set of ads for each strategic keyword and to run split tests in an effort to optimize your advertising budget at its fullest for ongoing campaigns.

  4. Ad campaign monitoring/reporting: although we offer a service consisting of just setting up your campaign on Facebook (keyword research and ad creations) and let you take over, we do also offer to monitor the performance of your campaigns and to report accordingly. This includes overall traffic volume, keyword CTR, keyword CPC, and other key metrics in order to benchmark the successfulness of each ad campaign on Facebook & Instagram.

Aside from the initial campaign set up fee which varies according to each client , depending on the monthly budget being  allocated, we charge  15% to 20% of the overall advertising spendings for campaign monitoring and reporting.

We only monitor and report for campaigns featuring a minimum budget of $1000 per month and per language for minimum three-month commitment. For campaigns featuring a smaller budget, we only offer campaign set up services (keyword research and ad sets composition).

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